The Challenge

As of 2018, the real-estate sector is still untouched by the current capabilities of information technology. The lead generation process is currently moved to third party aggregators.

At HyperState Tech we realised that users were not using these conventional real-estate website for information. This need gap also led to the rise of platforms like Housing, MagicBricks etc. With Lubdub we look to re-innovate the interfaces, making every website conversational and mobile friendly. Interfaces & experiences that grab the attention of Gen- Next, not just by age but by usage. As we speak our proprietary technology Lubdub is on the path of empowering real-estate developers with the best interfaces that not only helps them with sales, lead conversions but also customer experiences and their retention.

The Solution

Using the Natural Language Understanding Platform, at Hyperstate we have been able to develop a successful proof of concept “Lubdub” that is able to handle longer conversations and can be deployed on existing websites. This allows them to become mobile friendly, next gen, voice ready and allows them to be discovered and experienced on platforms where they did not have any presence earlier. This also allows them to interact with their potential customers using voice and on new gen conversational platforms.

Next Step

Further development of backend integrations and evaluation of production deployments.

Train it the way you want

Add your floor plans, tiles quality, finance options etc.

Add Deep Domain Knowledge

Each query is unique which need your unique way of handling

Help your sales team

Assign clients to your sales team. Let kiara convert lead to sale

Real-time feedback

Instant feedback and human takeover for 100% control over process

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