Attracting millennial customers with an automated personal finance assistant

The Challenge

Raiffeisen, a leading Swiss retail bank, wanted to explore how to appeal to a younger audience. After the success of newcomer banks like N26 and personal finance bots like Cleo, traditional banks face fierce competition and have to improve their customer experience.

Raiffeisen has high quality human customer service operations and cares deeply about data privacy. In addition, most customer interactions are more complex than just a simple question and answer. They require multi-turn conversations.

The Solution

Using the Natural Language Understanding Platform, Raiffeisen was able to develop a successful proof of concept that was able to handle longer conversations and could be deployed on-premise. Their team followed the following process:

Data Analysis: Evaluating problems and potential applications with respective departments.

Development: Developed and trained five impactful skills like the request of the account balance - deployed for an internal test on FB Messenger. In addition to text, users can also use voice commands.

User Testing: Extensive testing setup, incl. KPI reporting and user questionnaire.

Next Step

Further development of backend integrations and evaluation of production deployments.

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